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Related article: room for storage and shelves for books and other stuff that boys think is
important. At first, I thought it was an awful lot to jam into one little
room, but then I remembered that we were getting rid of the two beds in
favor of one, and that maybe it might be just the thing to Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
take care of all
of the storage problems that they now had.
"I don't know Timmy, do you think that it'll all fit in there?" I asked.
That seemed to take all of the wind out of his sails and he looked very
crestfallen at the thought. "Tell ya what... Jeff, run out to the garage and
grab my tape measure, will ya please? Then we can take some measurements
and see how much room we have." They thought it was a good idea and went to
get the tape measure. I walked into the boys' room, took a few sheets of
paper from a desk drawer, and started to draw rough sketches of both almost
square rooms, and noting the placement of the doors and windows. When the
boys returned, we took measurements of both rooms and found that they were
within inches of being the same size, and were just the reverse of floor
plans, both opening into the bathroom between. The only difference was
that the existing room, being in the middle of the house, had only one
window on the outside wall, while the guestroom was in the corner of the
house and had Lolitas Nymphet Bbs two windows.
"Ok guys, now that we have the dimensions, we can figure out if that big
desk will fit," I told a very hopeful young boy. I looked up the
dimensions of the desk, and found that it was surprisingly compact and
would fit nicely in Timmy's room with just moving the furniture Lolitas Nymphet Bbs around. I
had a bouncing, excited young man on my hands when I told him the good
news, and got lots of hugs and kisses as if I had just given him the world.
Jeff took the catalogue from Timmy's hands and started thumbing through the
pages. I looked around the boys' room and saw that several of the pieces
were showing definite signs of heavy usage by young boys. I tried to
remember just when Lolitas Nymphet Bbs it was that Betty and I had bought the furniture, but
try as I might, I just couldn't remember. Looking at everything now, I
could see that most of it, other than the almost new mattress set in the
guestroom, would be given to Goodwill.
I asked the boys if they were in Lolitas Nymphet Bbs favor of making the move now that they
understood my idea, and got a resounding chorus of yeas and yippees as my
answer. "Ok then, would you guys like to sleep with me tonight? That way
we can clear the rooms and get ready for the new stuff." They readily
agreed and I got the boys started in their room while I went into the
guestroom, and we spent the next three hours sorting, packing, and throwing
things away. I had the boys take out the drawers from their chest and we
moved the frame into my room, and then reassembled it to have their clothes
at hand while we made the transition. I decided that the hanging clothes
in the closets could stay there since they wouldn't interfere. As I looked
around at the almost empty rooms, I was amazed that we had amassed five big
sacks of trash and still had Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
a lot of trash on the floor.
We were tired, and it was late, so we decided to grab some quick showers
and hit the sack, knowing that tomorrow would be another long day of
shopping, moving stuff, and cleaning to get ready for the new furniture.
Jeff had found some new things that he Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
was interested in looking at, and I
finally convinced Timmy that we would have to look around but would try to
find something like what he found in the catalogue. We were all so tired,
we just cuddled close and rapidly fell asleep.
Early the next morning, I was awakened by two very lively boys trying to be
quiet but not succeeding as they moved about the house. I finally worked
myself out of bed and after doing the usual morning bathroom stuff,
staggered my way to the kitchen. There I was pleasantly surprised to find
a fresh-brewed pot of coffee waiting and I knew that I had forgotten to set
it up the night before, so Jeff had to endure my hug of thanks as I caught
him when he got into the fridge for a juice refill. I watched from my
perch at the bar while the boys got themselves cereal and made their own
As we were cleaning up and getting ready to leave, Berry came bouncing into
the house. When he saw the boys' room, he was flabbergasted that we had
changed everything in one night. We asked him if he wanted to go with Lolitas Nymphet Bbs
while we shopped and he couldn't wait to get to a phone and ask permission.
After it was granted with me assuring his mother that it was not an
inconvenience having him along, we set off on our shopping spree.
This was something new for me since Betty had taken care of everything like
that when she was alive, just dragging me along for my input and to pay the
bill. I decided to take some of the insurance money that we had left after
all of her medical bills were paid and furnish the boys' rooms the way they
wanted them. We must have hit every furniture store we could think of, but
we finally were able to find just exactly what both boys wanted for their
rooms, and I was lucky enough to arrange for delivery the next day, even
though it was Sunday, explaining that we needed it done before school and
work on Monday. I guess they took pity on the poor widower and his two
fine young sons, and set it up for us.
We went back home and finished cleaning up the rest of the trash from the
floors. While I was vacuuming the nearly new carpet, I noticed that the
floor in the boys' room was indeed showing the use of the last couple of
years as compared with the almost never used guestroom. I went out and
rented a carpet shampooer and the four of us shampooed the carpet in the
boys' room and the hall, but stopped short of doing the living room.
After we finished the cleaning, we were all tired so I ordered two large
pizzas and we all collapsed in the living room and ate dinner. Timmy
caught my attention and motioned for me to follow him to the back bedroom.
"Dad," he asked, "Can I have Berry stay over tonight?" I wasn't sure where
we'd put him, but looking around, I saw that Timmy had a plan. He had
taken the mattress set from the wall where we had leaned it and had it
laying on the floor of the guestroom. I saw a twinkle in his eye and knew
what he had in mind.
"That way, we can both get some tonight, huh," I said grinning at his
blushing smile. "Sure sport, help me make the bed and you can both sleep
in here tonight." I grabbed some clean sheets from the linen closet and
together we made the bed for their nighttime festivities. I had to smile
when I saw him stash a tube of KY under the corner of the mattress. We
went back to the living room and Timmy asked Berry if he wanted to stay the
night. Looking over at me, I nodded and then looked over at a questioning
Jeff. I held my finger to my lips, signaling him to keep quiet, and
watched as an excited Berry called home for permission. When Timmy took
Berry back to their room, I explained the set up to Jeff who smiled at the
We watched a movie on DVD and just relaxed into the evening. About 10
o'clock, I yawned and stretched, giving Timmy the high sign to get him to
take Berry and head off to bed. I heard them in the bathroom and then they
were ensconced behind a locked door while Jeff and I closed up the house
and headed to my room for the night.
After I locked the door and joined Jeff in the bathroom for our nightly
absolutions, all we could do was look at each other and grin as we watched
each other's hard cocks swing and sway as we moved. Jeff finished first
and scampered into the bedroom while I finished. I walked to the bed and
asked, "Light, on or off?"
"Off," he said and I plunged the room into darkness as I slid into bed
alongside my teenage son. He wasted no time and rolled on top of my prone
body, allowing me full access to his firm, supple, young body. I reveled
in the feeling of running my hands from his shoulders down to firm globes
and back while he ran his hands up and down my sides, and played with my
"Oh god son, that feels so good," I uttered as I was being bombarded with
all the stimulation from my son's hands. I could feel him smile at me in
the dark and then suddenly felt his hot lips wrap around one nipple while
his nails worked hard on the other. I was rapidly reaching overload when
suddenly he stopped and moved off of me. I wasn't sure what he had in mind
until I felt his slick fingers wrap themselves around my rampaging cock and
give it a couple of swipes. I felt him shift his weight and then he was
straddling my stomach, resting on his knees.
"Oooohhhhh," escaped Jeff's clenched teeth as I felt him take the head and
the top half of my cock inside his hot channel.
"Take it easy son, we've got all night," Lolitas Nymphet Bbs I whispered up to him in the dark.
I felt him lift completely off of me for a moment, then ease himself back
onto the tip of my cock, and let the head pop inside of his ass lips. He
then stopped and held still, getting used to it inside him. It didn't take
but a minute before I felt him rocking back and forth and allowing himself
to slide down my greased up cock.
"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh," he groaned as I felt his butt sit firmly on my pubic bone
� he had me fully encased in his hot chute and it felt fantastic.
"Oh god Jeff, you feel sooooo good," I moaned into the darkness as I felt
him still rocking back and forth on my hardness, but also now adding in a
little side to side movement. I was amazed at his seemingly wanton
movements and the litany of moans and sighs escaping from his mouth. I
could feel whenever he would move my dick across his prostate and could
hear the sharp intake of breath.
Just then, we heard a loud and prolonged groan/scream come through the
walls and we both giggled at the sound knowing that Timmy and Berry were
really enjoying themselves too. I felt Jeff start playing with my nipples
again as he started lifting himself and start a slow rhythm of bouncing on
my hard shaft. I reached up and returned the favor by pinching and
kneading his nips to a hard kernel on his smooth pecs. "Ooooohhhh," he
moaned and I could feel myself starting the inevitable climb to my pending
orgasm. I tried hard to think of anything else, trying to forestall the

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